180px-Nuke powerup

Normal Zombies==

This is the silver bomb of power! It will have a green glow around it. It is one of the 10 powerups in the zombies game. What it does is is kill all zombies currently in view of a window/wall and in the map. There are some important things about points. See next article for point comparisons.

Black Ops and World At War Point ComparisonsEdit

Important point notes for Black Ops:

  • In Black Ops, you will get 400 points after a nuke has killed all the zombies that it will kill.
  • If downed or dead when a nuke gives out points, you won't receive any.
  • If double points is on when a nuke gives out points, and you are not downed or dead, you will recieve 800 points instead of 400.

Important point notes for World At War:

  • In World At War, you will get 400 points after a nuke is over. However, you will NOT recieve any points at all if you're playing on Nacht Der Untoten.
  • You will still recieve 400 points when downed or dead (remember, no points at Nacht Der Untoten).
  • You will still only get 400 points even if you finish a nuke while double points is on (remember, no points at Nacht Der Untoten).

Dead Ops ArcadeEdit

If you have this unlocked, you will know about this. You start with one nuke, but can recieve more from walking over the nukes powerups that appear or sometimes will recieve 3 nukes when one of your lives are sent away to revive another player. Nukes kill all zombies on the map.