Normal ZombiesEdit

Monkey bombs, or the official name, Cymbal Monkeys, are obtainable in the mystery box. These are your guardian angels for the game. When received from a mystery box, (as I call it, lots of people call it the Random Box, and the official name is the Treasure Chest. Heh, that was World At War! The new official name for Black Ops is mystery box! I rock!) they will take up your secondary grenade space. Click left bumper (these are Xbox 360 controls, don't know PS3 or PC) to throw one. They attract zombies for about 10 seconds and then explode, saying a random saying before detonation. These are like Left 4 Dead pipe bombs. These are good to use when someone need revival. You get 3 when obtained, and they get refilled when you get Max Ammo powerups. These CANNOT be upgraded in a Pack-A-Punch Machine.

CoD: WaW Notes For Monkey BombsEdit

2 important things that are different in Black Ops and World At War is the secondary slot and maps where obtainable. Here are the 2 notes:

  • Monkey bombs are only obtanaible on Der Riese in World At War.
  • Be careful! Molotovs are in World At War, and will replace Monkey Bombs if taken after Monkey Bombs are obtained!

Der Riese Easter EggEdit

There is a little secret on Der Riese after obtaining Monkey Bombs. From the starting point, when you open the door to your right, and open the next door in the Double-Barrel Shotgun room, you can walk ahead into the furnace part of the Thompson room. Go to the left, and there should be a halfway-open furnace. Throw your monkey bomb inside it, and you should hear a frightening out-of-the-air speech by Mr. Monkey.

Dead Ops ArcadeEdit

For the people who have figured out how to unlock this, yes, there are Monkey Bombs in Dead Ops Arcade. When you walk over one, it should start clapping like normal. It doesn't do well attracting, but explodes after about 5 second in a cloud of purple smoke, and kills nearby zombies.